FANTASY – Through the themes of its collections, François VanSchön invites you into its creative world and transports you to a land of fantasy, emotion and beauty. To wear a François VanSchön garment or accessory is to stage oneself and one’s world, in great elegance.

EXCELLENCE – Respectful of traditions and know-how, François VanSchön focuses on the quality of materials and promotes creative gestures through distinctive details. At François VanSchön, we are attentive to your needs, and consistently stride to provide you with outstanding products and services.

RESPECT – François VanSchön and Groupe VPLG are of the opinion that a responsible company must be aware of the impact of both its major decisions and its small, daily gestures. As a corporate citizen, we contribute, on our humble scale, to making everyone aware that it’s possible to be environmentally friendly while indulging oneself. It’s about making a social commitment to the community by contributing what you can or helping others. It’s adopting a corporate ethic aimed towards a sustainable future.

COLLABORATION – At Groupe VPLG, we believe that cooperation and collaboration are the next logical step to respect. We believe that collaborative work with other artists and craftspeople is the foundation of a renewed, healthy and original creative process. We also believe in our duty to create opportunities for future designers.


At François VanSchön, our mission is:

  • to provide you with top-of-the-line fashion creations, made with mastery and know-how;
    to share with you a universe where fantasy, creativity, customization and refinement come together to fulfill your expectations;
  • to develop with our partners a new concept, a new philosophy with respect to garment creation, through our environmental, social and ethical commitments.

Through the creation of world-class products, to share a universe where fantasy, luxury and beauty come together, where those who dare to enter may experience refinement. Such is the vision of François VanSchön. A universe of fashion that goes far beyond clothing.